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Teeth Grinding FAQ

Undiagnosed teeth grinding can cause a variety of dental issues if left untreated. Dr. Mojgan Mazhari is an experienced dentist in Alexandria, VA, dedicated to providing comprehensive, diagnostic dental treatment. […]

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Invisalign: Patient Success

This patient had teeth that were spaced apart leaving noticeable gaps. Dr. Mojgan Mazhari suggested Invisalign® as a part of a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan. Invisalign provides teenage and adult patients a clear […]

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Combat Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety should never keep you from enjoying a healthy and beautiful smile. Dental care is important and can help you maintain the health of your entire body. Visiting the […]

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Patient Testimonials Dr. Mazhari

Alexandria, VA cosmetic dentist Dr. Mojgan Mazhari provides advanced dental solutions for all of your dental health needs. Our dedicated dental care team focuses on the well-being and individual dental […]

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Invisalign is an effective and clear alignment system used to correct crooked teeth. Crooked teeth are more than just a cosmetic concern and left untreated may compromise your oral health. […]

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Healthy Diet for Healthy Teeth

You brush twice a day, you floss, and you visit our Alexandria, VA dentist office regularly for professional dental cleanings. But you still have some oral health concerns. What else can […]

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