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Case 9

Dr. Mazhari sat down with the patient, a Northern Virginia man, for a consultation to evaluate both the spacing and alignment concerns and to discuss what treatments could be done.

Dr. Mazhari and the patient chose to utilize Invisalign, a series of clear aligner trays used to correct the alignment of the teeth and improve the bite. For this patient, a busy professional, Invisalign was a perfect match. Invisalign wouldn’t interfere with his daily life and become a source of stress; instead, Invisalign worked to correct his smile over a very short period of time as well as improve spacing and make room for a missing tooth the patient had.

After the Invisalign treatment was complete, retainers were utilized to prevent teeth from trying to shift back into their positions before the therapy was complete. A dental implant was used to replace the missing tooth at this time. While waiting for the implant to fuse to the jaw bone, the patient regularly wore their retainers every night.

Northern Virginia man transforms smileOnce the treatment was complete, nighttime wear of the retainers was all that was needed to retain the patient’s smile. The dental crown was placed on the end of the dental implant, at which point a new retainer was made to fit his updated smile.

In addition, the patient had teeth whitening done while undergoing aligner therapy. Dr. Mazhari provided the teeth whitening at no charge. After the total treatment, his smile was straighter, his bite was corrected, and his teeth were much brighter. The patient was very happy with the results!