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For Patients Looking for an Alternative to their CPAP for Their Sleep Apnea

Below is a quote that represents the thinking of many patients who come to us looking for a better treatment options for their sleep apena, or OSA. Is this something you can relate to?

I desperately want an alternative to my CPAP for my sleep apnea. My CPAP machine was so uncomfortable that it made sleep difficult.”

When patients came in to see us, many are distraught over the experience with their CPAP machine. “I needed something different and someone who could help. As soon as I spoke with Dr. Mazhari, I knew she could help me.”

Although designed to reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea, in many cases CPAP doesn’t give patients the relief they seek. “I’d have such trouble sleeping that it felt pointless to wear it. I was still having all my health problems from sleep apnea—fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure.”

When patients come in for a sleep apnea consultation with Dr. Mazhari, they learn about oral appliance therapy to treat sleep apnea. Dr. Mazhari speaks with each patient about their symptoms and examines their jaw and bite to determine if an oral appliance could help them.

Today, after a few months of using oral appliances, many patients have relayed to Dr. Mazhari that their treatment was life-changing. “I feel so great.” “I’d never have felt this good if I hadn’t worked with Dr. Mazhari to treat my sleep apnea.” ” I feel like a different person!”

If you or a person you know are looking for alternatives to their CPAP, an