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Is Invisalign Considered Purely a Cosmetic Treatment?

Invisalign is definitely not just a cosmetic treatment. It’s a functional treatment for people who want to improve their smiles. These include patients who may have trouble with chewing, crowded teeth, or overbites.

However, Invisalign can work for the majority of patients who need orthodontic treatment; this is true for about 70-80 percent of cases. And, since Invisalign wraps around the entire tooth and provides an overarching appliance, it has the ability to move teeth very predictably.

With regular braces, there’s always the potential for root resorption, where the body begins to absorb the tooth’s root. Although this is a natural process when baby teeth are lost, root resorption is an issue when permanent teeth are shifted too quickly and instead of adjusting the bone accordingly, the body will instead absorb it.

While root resorption is possible with Invisalign, it’s much less common than with traditional braces. The movements that happen during Invisalign treatment are very gentle and provide a predictable outcome. However, sometimes braces are necessary for more major movements.

In addition, patients enjoy cleaner smiles with Invisalign than with traditional braces. Invisalign trays are completely removable and make it much easier to clean the teeth and gums. For some patients, after traditional braces are removed, permanent white lines remain around where the brackets were.

Invisalign creates anchors via “little buttons” on the top of each tooth made out of the same composite resin material that’s used to fill cavities, eliminating the need for brackets and the risk for tooth discoloration. While some patients report these feel odd at first, they’re easy to get used to.

With Invisalign, patients aren’t worried about the way they look when receiving orthodontic treatment. Once they get used to wearing the aligners, they don’t even notice them. Patients can transition to having better oral health with Invisalign, since teeth and gums are easier to care for during treatment and patients are now invested in their beautiful new smiles!

To learn more about using Invisalign to improve your smile, schedule an appointment with us at Alexandria Dental Health. Dr. Mazhari is proud to be an Invisalign provider and can help you design your unique treatment plan for a beautiful smile today! Call us at (703) 212-9622.