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Patient Case Study: Lumineers Bring Patient’s True Smile to Life

A patient who was unhappy with her smile came in to see Dr. Mazhari. She traveled a lot for her job as an executive and wanted a faster treatment to transform her smile. She had tried teeth whitening in addition to other treatments in the past but didn’t quite feel that they gave her a smile she was truly happy with.

When she came in for a consultation around 7 years ago with Dr. Mazhari, they were able to outline her goals for her smile. She wanted her smile to be bright, but more importantly, she wanted to change the shape of her teeth, which were curved inwards and weren’t straight. She felt that people couldn’t see her true smile.

As a result of her teeth being tucked in and wanting a faster treatment along with a consistent shape and color of her smile, she and Dr. Mazhari talked about Lumineers. Lumineers are porcelain veneers that are placed over the natural teeth but are considered a permanent form of treatment. Lumineers are ideal for patients who want to transform their smile but don’t need much preparation for their teeth in order for the treatment to be successful.

Fortunately, the patient’s teeth required no major preparation. Dr. Mazhari was able to take impressions and fit her teeth for consistent shape and color. In addition to thoroughly cleaning her teeth, Dr. Mazhari was able to have her Lumineers ready in just three weeks for a brand-new smile.

Lumineers also served to protect the patient’s teeth from teeth grinding, as they are very sturdy and any force from the teeth grinding would be applied to the Lumineers rather than her natural teeth.

After the treatment was complete, the patient was very happy with the results. She even brought in her husband to see Dr. Mazhari for his smile! She’s looking forward to enjoying her Lumineers for a long time to come.