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How To Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist

Odontophobia, or more commonly known as, having a fear of the dentist, is a real condition that affects many people. It’s approximated that three out of four US adults experience some form of dental fear — from mild to sever. However, only five to 10 percent of Americans only have the most severe form, which is an extreme dental phobia. Simply put, a dental phobia is when people have any fear or anxiety around any type of dental care. Sedation dentistry may be an option for people who are debilitated by fear when going to the dentist, but there are other tips and tricks you can do if you’re not ready to go under quite yet.

The causes of dental phobia
Dental phobias may develop at anytime in a person’s life, but it will usually occur after a particularly traumatic experience. When researchers reviewed cases of dental phobia, they found a couple of commonalities among patients.

Dental phobia symptoms

If you have a dental phobia, you most already know that you have one. But, symptoms can present in the following ways:

Tips to help you manage your fear

If you haven’t seen a dentist a dentist in quite a long time, keep in mind that dental procedures have come a long way. Modern dentistry provides new methods and techniques to keep you comfortable and calm while in the examination chair.

How Dr. Mojgan Mazhari DDS can help

Here at Dr. Mojgan Mazhari DDS, we’re here to support you in your dental needs. If you experience a dental trauma from a pervious experiences, let us show you how pain-free dental care is. Or, if you need sedation dentistry, we’re happy to have that conversation with you.

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