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Sometimes in life, emergencies beyond our control happen. Whether it’s a car accident, a slip and fall, or a sports injury, unexpected accidents can cause damage to the teeth. That’s why Dr. Mazhari offers emergency dental appointments to our valued patients.

How do we do it? By building in appointment time in our schedule to handle dental emergencies, Dr. Mazhari is able to handle extra emergency appointments in addition to his regularly scheduled patients. This eliminates the need for finding another dentist or going to an impersonal emergency dental clinic with a dentist who doesn’t know you or your oral health history.

Here’s what we can do for you in a dental emergency:

Broken or cracked teeth can be both painful and unsightly, so naturally you’ll want to fix them as soon as possible. When you break, chip or crack a tooth, you may need to wait to get an appointment with other dentists. But Dr. Mazhari’s office will work to get you in for an emergency appointment and cared for as soon as possible.

If you break a tooth, depending on the degree of damage, Dr. Mazhari can generally fix it with a filling or a crown. If you lose the tooth entirely, submerge it in a glass of milk and head straight to Dr. Mazhari’s office, as it may still be able to be reattached.

Tooth Ache

For painful teeth or cavities, contact the office as soon as you notice the pain. Your teeth should never hurt, and the longer you let them go without treatment, the worse the damage or decay can get. While dental pain is not generally considered an emergency, we can still make time for you quickly and put your mind and mouth at ease.

Dr. Mazhari truly cares for each of his patients and wants them to have a healthy, pain-free and damage-free smile. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, dental pain or just need a cleaning and exam, Dr. Mazhari and his team are here to help.

To schedule an appointment, whether emergency or not, please contact Dr. Mazhari’s office at (703) 212-9622.