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Alexandria VA Dentist | Fitting Crowns in Your Busy Schedule

Our Northern Virginia Cosmetic Dentist Offers Expert Care That Accommodates Busy Schedules

female patient being fitted with dental crownAt Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio, cosmetic and restorative dentist Dr. Mojgan Mazhari has been helping patients in Alexandria and throughout Northern Virginia restore, transform, or maintain their smiles for more than 25 years. She offers wide-ranging solutions—including same-day crowns and individualized care plans—to ensure that each patient’s treatment meets their needs, fits their timetable, and aligns with their lifestyle. Contact our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Mazhari.

Are you tired of struggling with chewing challenges or looking in the mirror and seeing imperfections that mar your smile? Crowns are versatile, effective, and popular dental treatments, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. Dr. Mazhari uses these custom caps to help patients address various dental concerns in pursuit of their perfect smile. 

Why You Might Consider a Dental Crown

Worn, broken, and decaying teeth are more than just cosmetic issues. Without prompt treatment, these problems can lead to further damage and an increased risk of infection that could necessitate extraction. Seeing a smile that doesn’t match your inner beauty stare back at you every day can also chip away at your self-esteem. Don’t put off the exceptional dental care you deserve—get the beautiful and functional smile you’ve always wanted at Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio.

During your consultation, Dr. Mazhari might recommend a crown to:

How Traditional Crowns and Same-Day Dental Crowns Compare

Both traditional and same-day dental crowns can help you keep your smile healthy, functional, and attractive for years—and with proper care, potentially decades—to come. However, there are key differences between the two treatments. Here’s what you should know.

Traditional Crowns Take Time

Regular dental crowns entail a multi-visit restoration process that can take up to two weeks. After a thorough consultation and examination, we take detailed images and create impressions of your teeth. Dr. Mazhari plans all aspects of your treatment and sends the crown dimensions to a laboratory for fabrication. We fit you with a temporary crown while waiting for your custom dental crown. Once it has, placing your permanent crown may require attending an additional two or more appointments.

Same-Day Crowns Are a Faster, More Convenient Option That Provides Stunning Results

Dr. Mazhari employs cutting-edge 3D imaging alongside advanced CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration Esthetic Ceramics) technology to meticulously design and craft durable, natural-looking crowns right in our office, ensuring a seamless permanent placement in a single visit. Made from high-quality dental ceramic, same-day CEREC crowns are just as gorgeous, functional, and lasting as their traditional counterparts, making them an ideal choice for busy professionals and other patients who are always on the go.

Dr. Mojgan Mazhari Discusses When a Same-Day CEREC Crown Might Not Be Right for You

Though same-day crowns can capably address many common dental issues, including cracked or chipped teeth, decayed teeth, gaps between teeth, outdated metal fillings, and shore up a tooth after a root cancel, not everyone is a good candidate for this treatment.

Dr. Mazhari might recommend a traditional crown or another option if:

Are you ready to take the first step toward improved oral health and your ideal smile? Dr. Mazhari expertly supports patients at every stage of their smile journey and offers a complimentary initial consultation to help you determine if a same-day dental crown is the right treatment to help you achieve your goals.