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Is Invisalign Only a Cosmetic Treatment in Alexandria

No. It’s a functional solution for people who want to improve their smiles. These include patients who may have crowded teeth, overbites, or trouble chewing. Invisalign can work for approximately 70 percent of patients who need orthodontic treatment.  

So if you previously thought that Invisalign was only a cosmetic treatment, here are some of its additional advantages that help improve the health and appearance of your smile. Is Invisalign Purely a Cosmetic Treatment | Alexandria Dentist

Other Reasons Why Invisalign Isn’t Only a Cosmetic Treatment

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a dazzling smile—and dedication to proper care is what makes it happen. But some people don’t grow up with straight, white, and healthy teeth, and need restorative intervention. Orthodontic treatment helps: 

Many patients experience many benefits choosing the Invisalign tray system including, but not limited to: 

While more traditional braces may be necessary at first for major orthodontic adjustments, many patients are then able to use Invisalign for the finishing touches that make their smile great. If you’re ready for better dental health, make an appointment with our office today.