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What Can You Eat After a Root Canal | Alexandria Dentist

A root canal allows you to save your natural tooth to avoid needing a replacement. Whether due to trauma or decay, a root canal procedure is similar to getting a filling, and you’ll need to follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions to avoid complications. So it’s understandable to be worried about what you can eat after a root canal. Basically, you just need to focus on the right foods that help accelerate the healing of your restoration and avoid unnecessary discomfort or worse, damage to your newly-restored tooth.

What Can You Eat After a Root Canal? Here Are Some Easy Suggestions 

After a root canal procedure, your mouth may be numb for a few hours due to the anesthesia used during the treatment. It’s essential to be gentle with your teeth and avoid chewing on the treated area until the numbness wears off completely. You’ll also want to brush and floss your teeth lightly for a few days, initially avoiding the treated tooth until your dentist says it’s okay.   

Additionally, follow these dietary guidelines to ensure proper healing and prevent any damage to the treated tooth. Here are some tips most dentists recommend about what to eat after a root canal.

What to Avoid After a Root Canal

After a root canal procedure, if you need to eat something that requires chewing, use the opposite side of your mouth from the treated tooth and take it slow. However, there are some things you should avoid until your dentist gives the green light. 

Keep in mind that every person is different, so always follow your dentist’s post-operative recommendations for oral care that are designed to meet your specific needs during the healing process.