Your gorgeous veneers require daily maintenance to keep them white and bright. But just like your other teeth, cosmetic restorations, including veneers, can accumulate surface stains from the foods and drinks you enjoy over time. 

Festivities throughout the year tempt us with all types of sweet treats. Here are some popular holiday desserts that are safe for veneers—and tips for taking care of your pearly whites after a little indulgence. 

Festive Foods and Holiday Desserts Safe For Veneers

If you have any specific concerns about your veneers or need personalized advice on holiday foods, consult with your dentist first. They’ll provide guidance on maintaining your veneers and ensuring you enjoy the holiday season while protecting your dental investment.

  • Pumpkin and sweet potato pie. Since these are soft, you won’t have to worry about cracking a tooth or fracturing porcelain on something that’s too hard. So, pile on the whipped topping and enjoy! Tip: eat your slice immediately after a meal and then wait 30 minutes to brush.
  • Custard, pudding, and mousse. Similar to certain pie fillings, these soft holiday desserts are safe for veneers. 
  • Hot chocolate, apple cider, and eggnog. As long as you rinse your mouth out with water immediately after you finish drinking one of these warming beverages, you’ll keep acid and stain risks to a minimum. Keep in mind that dark liquids such as red wine and coffee also stain your veneers if you drink a lot of them. Additionally, alcohol dries out your oral tissues. 
  • Cooked fruit. Baked or stewed fruits, like apples, pears, and cranberries, are gentle on veneers. If you can’t brush right away, minimize the sugary effects by swishing your mouth with lukewarm water.
  • Nut- and caramel-free brownies. Anytime you add caramel or nuts into the mix, you run the risk of breaking a dental restoration or pulling out an old filling. Plus, caramel tends to stick in your teeth for hours afterward. Softer-baked sweets such as brownies, fudge, or cookies are fine, as long as they’re not too crunchy. But again, because of the high sugar content, make sure to rinse with water and brush as soon as you can afterward. 

The holidays can also be a time of added stress. Sleeping in a protective mouthguard will limit tension and fractures in your veneers and teeth. Call our office today to learn more.