Dental anxiety is one of the most common causes of poor oral health among adults today, despite access and ability to receive dental care. In fact, as many as 80 percent of adults in the U.S. have mild-to-severe dental anxiety. For many patients, their fear is tied to anxiety about certain aspects of the procedure, such as needles, pain, sharp objects, or loud noises. Others may have had a previous negative experience that prevents them from taking care of oral health needs. 

At Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio, our professionals understand how complicated dental anxiety can be. We offer relaxation and sedation options to calm your fears and enable you to restore a beautiful, healthy smile. 

Overcome Dental Anxiety With Relaxation Dentistry in Alexandria

Relaxation dentistry, also known as sedation dentistry, is a specialized approach in dental practice that aims to help patients feel more relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures. This approach is particularly beneficial for individuals with dental phobia or severe anxiety, as it helps them overcome their fear and receive necessary dental care without excessive stress. It also allows dentists to perform more efficient and effective treatments, as relaxed patients are more cooperative during procedures.

Our office environment is warm and inviting, designed to put you at ease during your visit. Dr. Mazhari will meet with you to discuss your concerns, as well as your medical health and history and current health status to make appropriate recommendations. If you like, your care team will explain every step of your procedure and how it’s done so you know exactly what will happen and when. 

Then we might suggest simple relaxation methods for dental anxiety such as: 

  • Listening to calming music through headphones 
  • Watching a soothing video for a welcome distraction
  • Providing visualization techniques

We might also recommend sedation therapy. Depending on the needs of your treatment, we may provide: 

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This is a safe and mild form of sedation that is inhaled through a mask placed over the nose. It induces a state of relaxation and euphoria, helping patients feel more at ease during dental treatments.
  • Oral sedation. Using prescription medications, typically in pill or liquid form, this method induces a deeper state of relaxation. The patient takes the medication before the dental appointment, and it can produce mild to moderate sedation.
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation. This involves administering sedative medications directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous line. This form of sedation can induce a deeper level of sedation and is often used for more complex or lengthy procedures.
  • General anesthesia. Our office would bring in an anesthesiologist to induce the deepest form of sedation. As a result, you’re unconscious during the dental procedure. This is typically reserved for extensive dental surgeries or cases where the patient requires complete unconsciousness.

It's essential to discuss any concerns or anxieties you have with your dentist, as they can tailor the sedation approach to meet your specific needs and provide a more comfortable dental experience.