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Full Mouth Reconstruction Alexandria Arlington Northern VA

When a patient comes to us with a bite problem that’s exacerbated by other issues such as missing teeth, damaged teeth, and/or teeth that are discolored, one treatment option may be a full mouth reconstruction. Also known as rehabilitation, this terminology describes a combination of dental treatments that address several concerns.

Dr. Mojgan Mazhari focuses on correcting and improving all aspects of your dental health with a comprehensive full mouth reconstruction. To help you achieve a smile that is both healthy and beautiful, Dr. Mazhari will create a personal treatment plan that includes both restorative and cosmetic procedures. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction: What To Expect

During an initial consultation, Dr. Mazhari thoroughly assesses all aspects of your dental health, including an analysis of your jaw function using the K-7 Evaluation System. Together, you’ll address various oral health concerns, including structural issues, to be considered in your treatment planning. The extent of your dental procedures depends on your unique dental condition and desired results.

The next step is a diagnostic visit to take digital X-rays, scans, and impressions to be used in your treatment. If periodontal disease is an issue, this may be addressed first to restore gum health and create a stable environment for new dental restorations. Treatment options for a full mouth reconstruction can include:

Before finalizing a treatment plan, all aspects are taken into consideration, including your budget, lifestyle, daily activities, and so on.

How Long Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Take?

It all depends on the number and type of procedures, the treatment sequence, customization, and healing and recovery time. Some plans may take several months or longer to execute to the desired result. 

But the investment is worth it. A full mouth reconstruction is often a life-changing experience for patients, enabling them to regain their quality of life and their sense of self-confidence. In many cases, this process can help patients to keep as many of their natural teeth as possible, avoiding the need for full dentures.