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Missing Teeth Replacement Alexandria Northern VA

Missing teeth are more than a dental health concern—they impact your daily quality of life in many ways and can cause a cascade of additional oral health concerns over time. Promptly and effectively replacing a missing tooth, or several missing teeth, is the key to enjoying a functional smile and good long-term dental health.

Located in Alexandria, Dr. Mojgan Mazhari can replace missing teeth with various custom, aesthetically pleasing options.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth have a significant impact on your oral and overall health. Here are just a few conditions that may develop.

Jawbone Issues

When a tooth is lost, the missing root no longer stimulates healthy bone growth in the jaw where the tooth used to be. This affects the shape of the jaw over time as remaining teeth begin to shift and fill the void if left untreated, often leading to changes in the bite and other complex problems. 

Dental Health Deterioration

In addition, the changes precipitated by a lost tooth that’s not replaced increase the risk of periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay. 

Overloading of Other Teeth

When you have missing teeth, the remaining teeth may experience increased pressure and workload while chewing. This can lead to excessive wear on those teeth and potential damage over time.

Speech Difficulties

Missing teeth can affect speech, causing difficulties in pronunciation and enunciation, especially with certain sounds.

Trouble Chewing

Missing teeth can make chewing difficult, affecting the ability to break down food for digestion properly. This can lead to digestive issues and may impact nutrition.

Missing Teeth Replacement Treatment Options

Dr. Mazhari can replace missing teeth with options that range from the traditional to the advanced, depending on your unique needs and goals for restoring your smile. Treatment for missing teeth can include:

The right choice is determined after a comprehensive evaluation and discussion of your overall oral health.