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Which Holiday Desserts are Safe for My Veneers?

Your gorgeous veneers require daily maintenance to keep them white and bright. Just like your other teeth, cosmetic restorations (including veneers) can accumulate surface stain from the foods and drinks you enjoy over time. And now that the holidays are upon us, you’ll also have to be on the lookout for choosing “tooth-safe” sweets that you can enjoy without feeling guilty or damaging your new smile.

Here are some common holiday favorites that won’t pose any extra danger to your cosmetic veneers:

Pumpkin Pie — Since it’s soft, you won’t have to worry about cracking a tooth or fracturing porcelain on something that’s too hard. So, pile up the whipped topping and enjoy! Tip: eat your pie immediately after a meal and then wait 30 minutes to brush.

Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider, Eggnog — As long as you rinse your mouth out with water immediately after you finish drinking it, you’ll keep acid and stain risks to a minimum. Keep in mind that dark liquids will stain if you drink a lot of them, and alcohol is drying to your oral tissues.

Nut and Caramel-Free Brownies — Anytime you add caramel or nuts into the mix, you run the risk of breaking a dental restoration or pulling out an old filling. Plus, caramel tends to stick around for hours afterward. Softer baked sweets such as brownies or cookies are fine, as long as they’re not too crunchy.

Extra Protection for Your Veneers

The holidays can also be a time of added stress. Sleeping in a protective mouthguard will limit tension and fractures in your veneers and teeth. Call Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio today to get yours!

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