woman with inflamed and sore gums lifting lip | Comprehensive DentistryAlexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio is your destination for general dental checkups and preventive care. Regular dental appointments with Dr. Mojgan Mazhari can help protect your smile for a lifetime by strengthening your long-term oral health and helping to prevent more serious systemic problems.

Comprehensive Dentistry Services Offered in Alexandria

Dr. Mazhari offers comprehensive general dental services to help you and your family enjoy a healthy lifestyle with optimal dental health. General dentistry is the foundation of our patient-focused dental practice. Our services include:

  • Periodontal therapy. Healthy gums are vital for a beautiful smile. That is why a periodontal screening is performed at every preventive care visit in our office. We offer personalized advice for at-home oral hygiene to address existing gum disease, and we take the time to discuss lifestyle habits that can increase your risk of developing gum disease, such as poor nutrition and tobacco use.
  • Sleep apnea treatment. We offer treatment for sleep disorders, including sleep apnea. Restoring a good night’s sleep with advanced treatments, such as MicrO2® oral sleep appliance therapy, can also improve your overall health and well-being. MicrO2® oral sleep appliances open the airway, allowing patients to get a healthy and restful night’s sleep.
  • Treatment for TMJ disorders. Tension in the jaw joint, or TMJ, often leads to headaches, jaw pain, ear and neck pain, and difficulty chewing properly. These symptoms can disrupt daily life for many patients and are a sign that something is not functioning correctly. Dr. Mazhari has dedicated many hours to postgraduate training in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders and complex bite problems and offers therapy in her office.
  • Sedation dentistry. Don’t put off your dental care because you suffer from dental anxiety. Dr. Mazhari offers sedation options to make your dental procedure a virtually pain-free experience, which you will typically have little to no memory afterward so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy and functional smile without fear.
  • Functional orthodontics. Unlike traditional orthodontics, functional orthodontics addresses the underlying structural cause of crooked or misaligned teeth. Available for both children and adults, functional orthodontic treatment straightens teeth through multidimensional expansion of the upper or lower palate, providing more stable, lasting results compared to traditional orthodontic methods. 

The Importance of Preventing Tooth Decay

Although there are many dental health concerns that can affect your oral health, tooth decay is one of the most common and can lead to more complex problems if left untreated. Today’s patients, both children and adults, are at an increasing risk for tooth decay due to the added sugars in our modern diet. Sugar serves as the fuel for the harmful bacteria in our mouths, accelerating the rate of growth and enabling plaque to build up quickly on the teeth and along the gum line.

A good oral hygiene routine combined with routine dental care in our Northern Virginia dental office are the key components to keeping the teeth and gums healthy and free of decay and disease. A healthy smile plays an important role in your overall health and well-being, allowing the gums to function as a barrier between harmful bacteria in the mouth and the bloodstream.

Dr. Mazhari recommends at least two preventive care visits per year to enable us to help you maintain good dental health. These visits provide the opportunity for us to monitor your oral health, perform a thorough professional dental cleaning, and spot developing problems in the early stages.

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You can expect personalized dental care when you visit with Dr. Mazhari, including individualized recommendations for at-home care to maintain your oral health between visits.

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