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If you or one of your loved ones has diabetes or is pre-diabetic, it’s extremely important to incorporate a rigid oral health plan into your approach to wellness.
Why? Because…

…of an increased risk of tooth loss.

Since people with diabetes are more prone to having gum disease, there’s a higher chance of complications like gum recession and bone loss. In time, affected teeth will gradually start to become mobile or even fall out. But don’t let diabetes be an excuse for inevitable tooth loss; routine preventative care can help to stop the disease process before it gets even worse.

…gum disease jeopardizes your blood glucose levels.

Studies repeatedly show that the worse off your gum health is, the higher your blood sugar levels will be. Even if you’re treating your diabetes with diet, exercise, and medication, active oral infections make it nearly impossible to stabilize your glucose readings. Fortunately, by treating your gum infections, you can have a positive impact on your blood glucose.

…you could see an increased risk of tooth decay.

Irregular blood sugar levels combined with acid byproducts (put off by dental plaque) can significantly enhance the amount of enamel erosion in your mouth. Routine cleanings along with regular fluoride treatments are extremely important.

Preventative Dental Care

Non-diabetics with healthy teeth and gums usually benefit from a cleaning twice per year. If you’re having trouble managing your blood glucose, you may want to consider more frequent dental checkups.

At Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio we tailor your routine preventative care visits to meet your unique medical background. If you’re diabetic and due for a six-month dental checkup, contact us today.

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