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Welcome back to our Halloween blog series! As we discussed in our previous blog post, there’s a ton of wickedly delicious treats that circle around this time of year. And while your premier Alexandria dentist wants you to have fun, Dr. Mazhari also wants you to be aware of the best practices for dental health. These are tricks that are relevant all year round, but are good to freshen up on during the Halloween season.

When you need a dentist in Alexandria you can trust, you need Dr. Mazhari. Our dental clinic is precisely the place to go for top-notch care and unparalleled compassion. Take a look at some ways to keep your teeth healthy throughout the month of October and beyond, and schedule a visit with our dentist today!

Enjoy, in moderation.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. You can’t live your life avoiding everything that tastes divine in attempts to never put anything harmful in your body. Unless you’re highly allergic to something or have been told by doctors to specifically avoid something, sacrificing joy and food out of fear is not an ideal way to live.

In the wonderfully savory fall months, there are endless opportunities for culinary delight. And you should definitely try them to your liking, but as always, keep moderation in the back of your mind. Sip on some apple cider, treat yourself to that caramel apple you’ve been waiting for all year, but make it a treat—not an every day (or even every week) thing. It will mean more and taste even better when it’s not an expectation, but a luxury. This means your teeth and gums are still being exposed to high amounts of sugar, but it’s a rarity, and that is much easier for both you and your dentist to deal with.

Make flossing a priority.

Your dentists know you floss super regularly and you never forget (don’t worry, you’re not the only one). You should always have flossing built in as part of your bedtime routine, but Halloween might be a good time to make it more of a priority. This is especially true if you’ve noticed that you’re consuming more sugary treats than normal. When there’s suddenly candy corn to be bought, Halloween Reeses’ pumpkins to purchase, and so many other gigantic bags of sweets that are designated for trick-or-treaters (read: yourself), it makes sense that many people find themselves eating an increased amount of sugar.

With this, be conscious of the meals and treats you’re eating, and respond accordingly. After that aforementioned caramel apple or other sticky delight, put flossing on the schedule. This is a reactive step to eating sugary stuff, but is highly proactive for preserving your teeth and gums in the long run.

Stay consistent with brushing.

Our dentists are guessing/hoping you already are brushing your teeth twice a day, for two minutes at a time. We won’t spend much time telling you the importance of brushing, because you already know. More than anything, work at consistency throughout the month. That late night scary movie or haunted house might end up with you crashing on the couch in exhaustion—take the time to continue healthy teeth brushing habits, as usual.

Schedule a visit with the dentist.

After the Halloween season comes to a close, this can be a great time to get a dental checkup to ensure your teeth and gums have made it through the 31st. A teeth cleaning might be the general dentistry service your pearly whites have been craving, guaranteed to help you start a new month and round of holidays on the right foot.

Another reason to visit our Alexandria dentist is in the event of a dental emergency. If you took the dare and tried to bite through that Jawbreaker, if biting that lollipop sent waves of pain through your jaw, do not delay—call our dental clinic right away. Tooth and mouth pain are not to be taken lightly, and our dentist can help diagnose the problem promptly, and come up with a solution just as fast.

For cosmetic dentistry, functional orthodontics, and so many more services, dentist Dr. Mazhari is here for you. Contact Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio to book your next visit—we will do everything we can to keep your smile boo-tiful all year long.