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Dental Implants vs. Bridges for Missing Teeth

Healthy teeth patient at dentist office dental caries prevention[/caption]Any time you lose a tooth, you can think of it like taking a book off of the shelf. Wait long enough and the ones on either side of your newly created gap will start to tilt. Gradually, so do all of the others.

Replacing your missing tooth after an accident or extraction helps preserve natural tooth placement and smile alignment. Two of the most popular tooth replacement treatments we offer in Alexandria are dental implants and dental bridges.

An implant is designed to mimic a natural tooth in form and function. It’s non-invasive to other teeth, so Dr. Mazhari can set it into place without altering the structure of healthy teeth on either side.

Dental Bridges are also predictable, but there’s a big difference in their design and that of an implant. With bridges, a healthy tooth on either side of your missing one will need to be reshaped so that the bridge can fit over them. This process requires compromising otherwise healthy tooth structure.

Initially, the cost of getting a dental bridge is a bit lower than that of an implant and crown. However, implants outlast most bridges, meaning you’ll only need to make the investment once. Over the course of time, implants provide the better return on investment.

Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio offers both bridges and dental implants to our patients, because we understand that there’s no single “perfect” treatment for everyone. During your exam, Dr. Mazhari will discuss the benefits of each option given your specific situation. You’ll play a key role in deciding how to move forward.

For more information on bridges and implants, give us a call!

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