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Patients looking to dramatically improve both the appearance and function of their smile, can achieve their goal with Dr. Mazhari with a smile makeover.

A smile makeover can include a number of both cosmetic and restorative treatments that address problems with your teeth.

When you’re not pleased with the way your smile looks, or would like to see options for improvement, it may be time to consider getting a smile makeover that could change not just your appearance but also the overall health of your teeth and gums.

Here’s what a smile makeover could mean for you with Dr. Mazhari at Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio.

Dental Concerns People May Want to Fix

There are many issues that our patients consider when looking to fix their teeth and smile. These could include:

No matter what issues you’d like to address with your smile makeover, Dr. Mazhari can review your concerns with you to map out a treatment plan that makes the most sense for you.

What Does a Smile Makeover Include?

Your treatment plan with Dr. Mazhari will be specific to you and will depend on what’s causing your unhappiness with your teeth. A smile makeover could include several procedures, including restorative and cosmetic.

For instance, if you want whiter teeth, a professional whitening with Dr. Mazhari can help you have a naturally-looking whiter smile that’s also bright and stunning.

For crooked or gapped teeth, dental veneers or orthodontics such as Invisalign can help permanently improve the function and appearance of your smile. For missing teeth, Dr. Mazhari can discuss the possibility of dental implants with you along with bridges or partial dentures.

Chips and cracks can be improved with tooth bonding, which uses a composite resin material to shape the teeth and correct damage. For gummy smile, laser therapy or other gum treatments can help show more of your teeth.

Dr. Mazhari is experienced in creating balanced, harmonious smiles that patients are incredibly proud of. She’ll evaluate your oral health and work closely with you to discover what you most want and need out of your smile makeover and create a treatment plan from there.

What to Expect Once Your Smile Makeover Treatment Is Complete

Once your smile makeover is complete, many patients see a dramatic improvement in their appearance, confidence, and oral health.

Some people may see an improvement in the length of their teeth, especially if teeth were worn down prematurely from teeth grinding or appeared shorter because of gummy smiles.

Smile makeovers can also make teeth appear more in proportion to each other while a professional whitening can help your teeth appear bright and resist staining.

If you replace missing teeth, your smile’s function won’t just be restored—tooth replacements can encourage a stronger jaw bone that may help your face appear fuller and more youthful as time goes on.

Of course, you’ll still need to care for your teeth and gums to maintain your new look—proper home care habits and regular check-up visits with Dr. Mazhari are both important. With the right oral care plan, you can maintain your beautiful new smile for years to come!

Unhappy with Your Smile?

If you’ve been living with a smile you’re just not happy about, it’s time to schedule a consultation for a smile makeover with Dr. Mazhari.

Dr. Mazhari and her staff have experience working with people with a broad range of dental health issues and cosmetic concerns with all types of budgets. Contact us at Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio to design your dream smile today!