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Four Ways to Get the Most Out of Your New Crown

Crowns are a durable, protective cover that helps your smile last for years to come. But to get your crown to last, you’ll need to follow these four important steps.

Floss Your Crown Daily

Most people are nervous to floss around their new crown because they worry it will pull it off their tooth. Fortunately, that’s not the case. In reality, it’s crucial to floss your crown daily so that new bacteria don’t work their way underneath, causing the crown to come loose. Flossing keeps your crown tighter, longer!

Wrap the floss around your crown in a “C” shape and gently wipe up and down against the side (including just under your gum tissues.)

Wear a Night Guard (Bite Splint)

To extend the life of your new crown, consider sleeping in a bite splint. Custom mouth guards offer the best protection. If you tend to clench and grind during the night, a splint can help you prevent fractured porcelain or needing to replace other dental work.

Brush the Margins

The edges of crowns (nearest the gumlines) tend to be more prone to accumulating dental plaque. Use a soft or extra-soft toothbrush to thoroughly clean all areas without damaging your gum tissues. A nonabrasive toothpaste works best.

Schedule Routine Checkups

By carefully monitoring the integrity of your dental work at each checkup, Dr. Mazhari can help you lower the chances of new decay, leaks, or failing restorations. Plan to book an exam and cleaning at least every six months.

For more tips on cleaning crowns or other hard-to-reach areas, call our Alexandria dentist!