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Undiagnosed teeth grinding can cause a variety of dental issues if left untreated. Dr. Mojgan Mazhari is an experienced dentist in Alexandria, VA, dedicated to providing comprehensive, diagnostic dental treatment. Teeth grinding is a common dental concern that most patients don’t even realize they are suffering from. It is important to visit Dr. Mazhari regularly for preventive care visits so that she can thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw for any signs of complex dental issues.With the use of state of the art technology, Dr. Mazhari is able to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your occlusion during routine dental visits, looking for specific signs of teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is often a sign of TMJ, which require comprehensive treatment to help relieve any pain and discomfort TMJ may cause.

What are the signs of teeth grinding?

The sins of teeth grinding may vary but the most common are:

Why do people grind their teeth?

People grind their teeth for a number of reasons. Most grinding usually occurs when you’re sleeping, which is why most patients don’t realize they grind their teeth. It can be caused by sleep disorders, bite disorders like TMJ and even misaligned teeth. It is important to get properly diagnosed so that we can develop a treatment plan that will give you the best results.

How can I stop grinding my teeth?

Depending on the reason behind your teeth grinding, Dr. Mazhari will be able to offer a number of treatments that will help alleviate the discomfort that is associated with teeth grinding.  Dr. Mazhari may recommend the use of a mouthguard which helps keep the teeth protected while you sleep. If your teeth grinding is due to a bite disorder like TMJ, Dr. Mazhari may offer comprehensive dental care like bite therapy treatments.  orthodontic s may also help correct misaligned teeth. Dr. Mazhari offers Invisalign and Six Month Smiles to help align crooked teeth.  Dr. Mazhari may also recommend a restorative dental procedure to repair a tooth after it’s been badly worn or chipped.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Dr. Mazhari has over 15 years of experience providing compassionate, patient focused care in Alexandria, VA. During your visit, she will thoroughly examine your smile and develop a personalized treatment plan just for you. If you are looking for a welcoming, experienced dentist, visit Dr. Mazhari. You can gladly schedule an appointment online or call (703) 212-9622