“In my search for a competent dentist in my quest for adequate dental care, I had no idea that I would happen upon the superior skills that Dr. Mazhari has provided me. Her staff is first-rate and has been very patient with me.

Dr. Mazhari and I discussed her dental plan for me early in our doctor/patient relationship and she has been thorough and honest in assessing my dental needs. My oral health and hygiene have NEVER BEEN BETTER in all the 54-plus years that I’ve had teeth. Additionally, Dr. Mazhari explained some options for getting my smile to a beautiful brilliance I was not quite sure could be achieved. What a pleasant surprise after an hour of Brite Smile treatment!

The results are truly remarkable and Dr. Mazhari is welcome to use pictures of my “before and after smiles” as a testament to what she can do for anyone who wants a healthy, gorgeous smile like mine.”

Patient 13