“I was self-conscious about my smile my whole life. My teeth especially my upper teeth have large gaps, were small, stuck into my mouth and were stained. They were not visible as such when I was laughing. I was always contemplating the idea of having a cosmetic dentistry procedure to enhance my smile but couldn’t garner the courage to go to a dentist, as I was not having any previous experience with dentists and for the fear of the unknown. I always associate dentists with pain and drilling the teeth.

But there comes the big event in my life, my wedding. And now embellishing and enhancing my smile was something inescapable. I decided that I have to feel comfortable about my smile before my wedding day. As a matter of fact, who doesn’t want to smile at his/her wedding day?

Apparently, the next task was researching what procedure I would go for, that is relevant and compatible to my specific case and figuring out who the best at it is. After overhauling various procedures and options, I went finally for lumineers as lumineers do not require significant drilling of my existing tooth structure as other procedures do. I do not want my tooth structure t be damaged irreversibly as that would eventually have some ramifications in my future. After making my mind up on which procedure to go for, the next step was to look for the best dentist having his or her finger on the pulse. After a visit with four or five dentists and tried to analyze and seize up their previous jobs, credentials and accomplishments, I unequivocally went for Dr. Mazhari.

Dr. Mazhari made me at ease just from the get-go and had helped me stave off the jitters that I had with dentists. The whole staff was so cordial and amiable. She is so firm and straightforward and wouldn’t do anything that would compromise the quality of her job just for the sake of satisfying every irrational whim by her patients. She is very ethical and professional.

There was a time that I was a little frustrated that my wedding day is approaching very fast without finalizing the procedure. However, she told me unwaveringly that I have to come after two weeks at the day that I was supposed to get my lumineers, actually, still four or five weeks ahead of my wedding day. Despite my persistence that I should get the lumineers on that day, i.e after a couple of weeks of starting the procedure, she postponed it again regardless of my persistence. She did it so that my gums would be in perfect shape and health to carry the lumineers. And every thing is finalized three weeks ahead of time and I have plenty of time before the wedding day for any adjustments. I am happy that my gums were in good health before the lumineers were put on, as they were given enough time to recuperate well. My hats off to Dr. Mazhari for doing the right thing rather than pandering to my every irrational whim. She is indeed so diligent and meticulous in what she does.

Thank you Dr. Mazhari for changing my life.”

Patient 5