This past Spring, I met Dr. Mazhari when I went to her for a teeth cleaning. I was new to the area and I picked a dentist who was close by and also accepted my dental insurance. The appointment, which I made so easily via the internet, turned out to be a wonderful decision.

Dr. Mazhari, who is knowledgeable, thorough, and very caring, put me at ease from the beginning. After she did my cleaning, we then discussed my dental health. She presented the idea of Lumineers, thinking I would be a suitable candidate. I had crooked teeth and a considerable gap between my two front teeth. This made smiling difficult and embarrassing for me. If you are looking at my before and after pictures, you can also see the yellowing due to aging and stains.

Financing, of course, was a major concern and Dr. Mazhari and her staff provided me with choices that were affordable. I am totally satisfied with my Lumineers and the skill Dr. Mazhari used in their application. Now, six months later, they feel like a natural part of me. I have more dental work in the future and Dr. Mazhari will be doing that work also. She manages my pain and my fear of pain.

Smiling affects the people I meet as well as the confidence that I feel. My job involves meeting new people daily. Now I’m glad to make their day with a warm handshake and a smile.