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Treating TMJ for Better Quality of Life

Dysfunction and imbalance of the bite is commonly referred to as TMJ. Frequent symptoms of TMJ are swelling, stiffness and pain in the jaw, ears and neck as well as frequent headaches and difficulty chewing. Severe TMJ can not only cause discomfort, but can lead to complex dental health concerns. The misalignment of your bite can cause damage to your teeth and cause periodontal disease. TMJ can affect the quality of your sleep and ultimately the quality of your life.

Dr. Mojgan Mazhari has dedicated her post graduate education to learning new approaches to diagnosis and treat complex bite disorders and TMJ. Alexandria, VA dentist Dr. Mazhari offers jaw analysis using the k-7 evaluation system that reviews all aspects of the jaw muscle, bone and bite. With over 15 years of comprehensive dental practice, Dr. Mazhari is highly trained and experienced in effective dental treatments.

A recent TMJ patient, Emily Steadman, wrote a personal testament of how TMJ was negatively affecting her life prior to her TMJ treatment success with Dr. Mazhari.

If your TMJ disorder is affecting your quality of life to the point of sleep disturbances, I cannot adequately explain how that negatively affects every aspect of your life- even putting you at greater risk for chronic diseases over time, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke, and mental health disorders. Ultimately, this could mean a shortened lifespan. Sleep is that important.

Dr. Mazhari understands each patient is unique and no treatment plan is the fix all for every patient. She will take the time to meet and consult with you. She assess your dental health and hears your oral concerns. Together, you and Dr. Mazhari will choose the best comprehensive dental treatment plan for your specific oral health concerns.

TMJ patient, Emily, was instantly appreciative of Dr. Mazhari’s honesty and attentive care. Her fears of TMJ treatments were put to ease at her first consultation with Dr. Mazhari.

During the consultation, she was what I consider the epitome of a dental provider. In a very caring way, she took all the time I needed- for education about the disorder and the treatment. She also did something every provider (medical or dental) should be doing- she discussed not only the potential benefits, but also the risks (to include treatment failure) and alternatives. She was not selling to me. She was matter-of-factly stating all the relative information- and it was enough for me to sign up…. I am astounded how much this process has improved my life so far. And, I am continually impressed with Dr. Mazhari as a provider YOURURL.com. She is a rarity, and I now count her among my blessings.

Dr. Mazhari is dedicated to finding you a long term treatment plan that will give you back your quality of life. She will not sell you a quick fix, or try to upsell you on unnecessary treatments. At the heart of Dr. Mazhari’s dentist practice are the needs of her patients. If you or a loved one is suffering from TMJ, or you have additional questions about your condition, call Dr. Mazhari or schedule an online appointment.

Thank you, Dr. Mazhari, for the effort and care you put into your patients, and your continued pursuit of dentistry knowledge. Your superior dentistry skills round out all the many reasons you are on the