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SmileThere are many preventative steps to keep your teeth healthy and cavity-free: flossing before bedtime, twice-daily brushing, and professional cleaning twice a year. But have you ever thought about trying a dental care diet? Believe it or not, choosing certain foods greatly impacts your overall oral health. Intrigued? Then review the tips below and start eating your way to healthy teeth.

Dental Care Diet: Foods That Support Healthy Teeth

Specific nutrients boost the function of many parts of the body. For example, lutein and zeaxanthin support eye health, and omega-3 fatty acids improve vascular health. The key to a dental care diet is to eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that support healthy teeth and gums. Here are some ideas. 

Eat foods with calcium and phosphorus

The enamel that encompasses your teeth is a mineral. Unfortunately, over time, consuming acidic foods eats away at the enamel. To support what was lost and to strengthen them overall, eat foods rich in calcium and phosphorus.

Choose crunchy foods with high-water content 

Crunchy foods are excellent for oral health because they require more chewing, which in turn produces saliva. Saliva is beneficial to your teeth for neutralizing the bad bacteria that cause cavities. The texture of these foods is also great because they’re mildly abrasive, so they’ll clean and scrub the surface of your teeth, taking with it plaque and food particles.

Crunchy foods with high-water content include carrots, apples, celery, and cucumbers.

Get your vitamins

It’s always important to follow a whole foods diet, but here are the vitamins that specifically support oral health: 

Remember lesser-known nutrients

While you may have heard of the following nutrients, their connection to dental health isn’t as widely-known, but they’re powerhouses.