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Dr. Mazhari Attends Six Month Smiles Course in DC

Dr. Mojgan Mazhari is excited to have been able to attend a Six Month Smiles course in DC this month. Dr. Mazhari is committed to her practice as well as her continuing education in dentistry to provide her patients with the best service in smiles!

In addition to providing traditional services to her patients in Northern Virginia, Dr. Mazhari is dedicated to staying current on the latest advances in both dentistry and orthodontics to ensure her patients have the most effective treatments with patient health and safety as a priority.

Enhancing Experience with Six Month Smiles

Dr. Mazhari has been a Six Month Smiles provider for years, but regularly audits the program’s training in DC in order to see new cases and advancements in orthodontics as well as the technology.

Dr. Mazhari’s commitment to staying current on new information and technology enables her to enhance her experience and continue providing the best in orthodontics to her patients.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is an alternative to traditional braces—and, in some cases, even Invisalign—for patients who have mild alignment issues with their smile and need the shortest amount of treatment time possible.

This short-term treatment is designed to provide cosmetic orthodontic care in order for patients to have a straighter smile. Treatment time will vary from as short as four months to as long as nine months, with the average treatment time being only six months.

Patients who qualify include those who aren’t able to comply with wearing Invisalign aligners as instructed or those who balk at the idea of having traditional braces. However, for patients with more complex issues, Six Month Smiles may not work for them.

Six Month Smiles provides adults with an average treatment time of only six months, clear brackets, and predictable results. Appointments are quick, easy, and comfortable for patients. These braces typically come with a price that’s lower than that of traditional braces, yet provides a superior level of comfort and hygiene.

Dr. Mazhari was excited to attend the Six Month Smiles course in order to further her knowledge of the practice and its technology in order to change the lives of adult patients who are seeking alternatives to traditional braces. This enables Dr. Mazhari to empower patients to straighten their teeth after a lifetime of feeling self-conscious.

About the Training Course

The Six Month Smiles course was given by Six Month Smiles, a clear braces alternative that’s designed to straighten teeth in just six months with minimal disruption to your appearance or daily life.

The course was held in Washington, DC by Dr. Chris Bowman, a practicing dentist from Charlotte, North Carolina who helps professional dentists around the world to learn the Six Month Smiles system.


Six Month Smiles enables adults everywhere to love their smile again with virtually invisible, fast, and convenient treatment. By the time you are scheduled for your next cleaning with Dr. Mazhari, you could be enjoying a brand new smile. Dramatic results in less time, which is why it has been a very popular treatment option for our patients. Come see for yourself!

By continuing to provide the Six Month Smiles system to her practice, Dr. Mazhari is excited to continue providing the best to her patients in Alexandria and throughout Northern Virginia with this accelerated orthodontics program!