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Functional Orthodontics

Improve the health, function, and appearance of your smile with Functional Orthodontics. This can truly be life-changing by correcting the bite, aligning the teeth, & improving esthetics of the face and teeth, coupled with better TMJ health and better breathing.

Unlike traditional orthodontics, Functional Orthodontics addresses the underlying structural cause of crooked or misaligned teeth. Available for both children and adults, Functional Orthodontic treatment straightens teeth through multidimensional expansion of the upper or lower palate. Functional Orthodontics concentrates on correcting the under-developed upper or lower jaw and bringing the bite back into a natural, comfortable alignment.

Multidimensional palate expansion can provide more stable, lasting results compared to traditional orthodontic methods. By shifting the upper palate in multiple directions, jaw function is improved and the teeth are able to align properly. Treatment is designed to improve the health and function of the bite as well as the aesthetics of your smile.

Dr. Mojgan Mazhari is a Fellow of the LVI Global school of cosmetic dentistry. Dedicated to remaining at the forefront of dental technology and orthodontic treatment, Dr. Mazhari has participated in advanced education courses that focus on the comprehensive treatment of bite alignment and malocclusion.

Benefits of Functional Orthodontics

By addressing the underlying structural cause of crooked teeth, functional orthodontics can decrease the chance of future orthodontic relapse. After traditional orthodontic treatment, many patients require the use of retainers to maintain their straight smile. With successful functional orthodontic treatment, the underlying structure of the bite is corrected for a healthier, more comfortable, and more beautiful smile.

Functional Orthodontics for Children

As with most dental procedures, treating crooked teeth and bite misalignment as early as possible can allow for more effective and conservative treatment. Children as early as 6-9 years old can receive their first appliance and begin their functional orthodontic treatment. As needed, braces can be put on after the permanent teeth have erupted.

Treating children for structural issues in the jaw, malocclusion, or bite concerns early in life can provide a more stable foundation for a developing smile and avoid extensive corrective needs later in life. Correcting the bite as it develops can also decrease the risk of TMJ disorders and sleep apnea problems down the road.

For some children, functional orthodontics can eliminate the need for braces. Through multidimensional palate expansion, bite misalignment will be corrected while gently shifting the teeth so they make proper contact.