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Dental Conditions

Dental concerns can range from the simple to the complex, all of which should be treated promptly to avoid permanent or further damage to the teeth and gums. Dr. Mojgan Mazhari offers comprehensive treatment for all types of dental concerns to restore your dental health. Dr. Mazhari takes a personalized, consultative approach to your dental care, taking the time to understand not only your dental concerns but your overall physical health and personal goals for your smile.

Routine preventive care is the foundation of our dentistry and it can promote a lifetime of good oral health. During routine preventive care visits in our Alexandria dentist office, we take the time to look for the early signs of disease while treating dental concerns with the most conservative dentistry possible with the goal of avoiding the development of more complex problems.

Common Dental Concerns

Despite diligent dental care and good oral hygiene, most patients experience a dental concern at some point in their lives. Common concerns can include:

Dr. Mazhari also offers diagnosis and treatment for sleep apnea and snoring, a health concern that can be effectively treated by a highly trained dentist. Common sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, are often caused by collapsing soft tissues at the back of the throat, which can be treated successfully with oral appliance therapy.

Dental Anxiety & Your Dental Health

Although not a specific dental concern, fear of the dentist often leads to oral health problems affecting both dental and overall health. Dr. Mazhari works with patients suffering the emotional and health effects of dental anxiety and her warm, compassionate manner can help you to get back a beautiful, healthy smile.

In addition to a relaxing, patient focused environment, Dr. Mazhari offers sedation dentistry to enable patients to receive the dentistry they need while feeling completely calm and comfortable. During a one-on-one consultation, Dr. Mazhari will take the time to thoroughly explain all aspects of a dental procedure to help patients with dental anxiety understand their oral health and what to expect during treatment. For many, this can alleviate their fears and help them to feel confident and relaxed while visiting with us.

Schedule An Appointment

If you are concerned about your dental health, or have been away from the dentist and want to restore your smile for a better quality of life, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mazhari. Located in downtown Alexandria, VA, we serve patients from many Northern Virginia communities, providing personalized dental care for all of your oral health needs.