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Invisalign Teen®

Get That Back to School-Ready Smile!
Invisalign special
save up to $1,640!
  • Complimentary New Patient Exam (Regularly $340)
  • Complimentary Teeth Whitening Treatment (Regularly $300)
  • Reduced Invisalign Treatment Rate (Savings from $500 to $1,000*)

Now is the perfect time to straighten and brighten your smile with Invisalign!
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*Savings dependent on the complexity of the individual

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Invisalign Teen® can be a perfect tooth alignment option for teens, and it provides an alternative to traditional metal braces.

Is it time to consider orthodontic treatment for your teen? In the event that your teen isn’t excited about having traditional braces, you may be able to consider Invisalign treatment with cosmetic dentist Mojgan Mazhari, DDS.

One of the most popular aligner systems in existence, Invisalign is a set of clear retainers that gently align teeth. Treatment time generally lasts between just a few months to a little over one year, although individual cases will vary.

Invisalign helps reduce gum care issues that can come with braces, especially in younger patients. Since metal braces can be challenging to clean, there is an increased risk of periodontal disease from plaque building up around the gumline.

Traditional braces may also leave white lines on teeth that can form around the space where the bracket was. Invisalign provides your teen with an easy oral care routine and no risk of discoloration from the treatment, as the aligners are simply removed for cleaning and eating.

In addition, we also offer teeth whitening with our Invisalign treatment to get your teen excited about having a brighter, straighter smile!

Here’s what you and your teen should know when it comes to Invisalign orthodontic treatment at Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio.

Discovering Invisalign Teen®

During your complimentary consultation for Invisalign, Dr. Mazhari will review all information regarding Invisalign orthodontic care with you and your teen. We can also use a digital scanner to fully evaluate your child’s smile without taking manual impressions. This helps Dr. Mazhari to actually simulate the outcome for your teen’s smile in just minutes.

Your teen’s candidacy for Invisalign will all depend on their unique smile. While Invisalign can treat many alignment and bite issues, it’s not always able to treat more complex problems. During the consultation, Dr. Mazhari can evaluate your teen’s smile to determine if Invisalign would be an option.

Invisalign can be effective at treating the following problems:

Dr. Mazhari can also talk with you and your teen about what your goals for their smile are while evaluating their current oral health. All aspects of treatment and expected costs will be discussed during the consultation.

Our studio offers interest-free monthly payments for your teen’s Invisalign treatment. Insurance may also be used to cover the cost if your insurance includes coverage for orthodontic treatment.

Why Consider Invisalign Teen® for Your Child?

There are many reasons to consider a series of clear aligners for your teeth’s orthodontic care as opposed to traditional braces. These reasons include:

If your teen’s bite isn’t correct, it can easily cause damage to the teeth due to a disproportionate force that’s irreversible without treatment. This force will erode teeth over time and may cause jaw pain as well.

Leaving occlusion or bite issues untreated can cause severe joint issues in the TMJ and related jaw pain, neck pain, and headaches as they become adults. Building the foundation for a healthy smile should start early in life.

Straightening your teen’s teeth can improve overall oral health and give your child the best chance for oral health success in life. Dr. Mazhari can help you determine if Invisalign would be a good choice for your teenager!

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How Does Invisalign Teen® Work?

Similarly to Invisalign for adults, Invisalign Teen starts with a digital scan that allows Dr. Mazhari to create a detailed treatment plan for your teen. Using 3D printing to create custom aligners, technology allows Invisalign to be as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Every movement is able to be seen and planned ahead of time, exacting the right amount of pressure needed to move your teen’s teeth and eliminating any unnecessary force or pain. Invisalign is comfortable, fits well, and provides highly accurate results.

The digital impressions are used to design a series of clear aligners that will gently transform your teen’s smile in about a year. The number of aligners and exact treatment time will depend on the severity of your teen’s dental concerns and the desired outcome.

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Let’s talk about your teen’s oral health, cosmetic goals, and your budget to determine if Invisalign is the right fit for your teen. With free teeth whitening and interest-free payments, there’s no reason to put off investing in your child’s smile.

Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Mazhari today to determine if Invisalign could change your teen’s smile for the better!