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Sedation Dentistry

Suffer from dental anxiety? Don’t put off your dental care, as sedation dentistry with Dr. Mojgan Mazhari can help you relax throughout your appointment.

Dr. Mazhari offers sedation options to make your dental procedure a virtually pain-free experience of which you will typically have little to no memory afterwards.

Sedation dentistry also plays an important role in helping patients with dental anxiety receive the dentistry they need to enjoy the benefits of a healthy and functional smile. Dental anxiety is one of the leading factors in poor oral health among adults today. Many suffer with complex dental problems that can affect their daily quality of life due to a fear of visiting the dentist. Dr. Mazhari works with patients on an individual basis and can help you to restore a comfortable, healthy smile with compassionate care provided in a warm, friendly environment.

Sedation Dentistry in Northern Virginia

Dr. Mazhari offers options for dental sedation and will meet with you to discuss your medical history and personal concerns to determine which is best for you. Each type of sedation has pros and cons and Dr. Mazhari will educate you on how they work, what they require, and what the associated costs are, if applicable.

Our dental sedation treatment options:

Feel Relaxed throughout Your Appointment with Our Alexandria Sedation Dentist

If you have difficulties relaxing during your dental appointment, sedation dentistry and related treatments to help with dental anxiety could be well suited for you. Patient comfort is our priority, and Dr. Mazhari understands that some patients need additional assistance to help feel relaxed and calm during their dental appointment.

Relaxation Techniques

Dr. Mazhari works with patients to establish relaxation techniques that are unique to them and help them feel calm, relaxed, and confident while receiving dental care. Options range from the use of music or video for distraction to helping you visualize scenes that reduce your feelings of anxiety.

In certain cases, taking the time to fully educate you on the steps of your procedure can reduce stress and make the visit more pleasant.