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Implant Supported Dentures

If you’ve been told that you can’t get dental implants because you don’t have enough jaw bone to support them, Dr. Mojgan Mazhari can propose an effective treatment option with implant supported dentures.

Many patients come to our Alexandria office desiring an alternative to removable dentures, as long-term wearers of dentures are often plagued by ill-fitting, loose dentures, accompanied with a lack of self confidence when smiling. For these patients, Dr. Mazhari can propose implant supported dentures, also known as All-on-Four®, a special type of implant that works for many people who can’t get traditional implants. And just like traditional dental implants, All-on-Four® implant supported dentures are permanent.

Why Jaw Bone Matters

Natural teeth are supported by the bone in the jaw. When a tooth is lost, that bone no longer has a function. Over time, the jaw bone will atrophy, which means it wastes away. When it comes to getting dental implants, which replace the roots of teeth as well as the crowns, it is essential that there is still enough strong, healthy jaw bone for the implants to be supported. Unfortunately, many people who have worn dentures for many years and then decide to get dental implants find out after a dental exam that they do not have enough healthy bone left for regular implants to work.

Why All-on-Four® Implants Are Different

The titanium posts used in All-on-Four® implants are smaller than traditional implants, but still strong enough to support an arch of dentures. They are called All-on-Four® because an entire arch of artificial teeth, like a denture, is supported with only four implants. The implants are designed to fit and fuse to jaw bone even if there is less of it, making All-on-Four® an effective solution for people who want fixed dental implants but aren’t able to get traditional implants.

The All-on-Four® Process

Like any dental implant procedure, the first step is an exam by Dr. Mazhari and a consultation. If the decision is made to go ahead with All-on-Four® implants, after the insertion of the implants, your mouth will need to heal. Final placement of your permanent fixed dentures comes after your mouth has healed. The entire process can take several months to a year to complete.

Caring for Implant Supported Dentures

All-on-Four® implants are permanently fixed. You do not remove them for cleaning, but instead you brush them like you would natural teeth. You should use a non-abrasive toothpaste, as abrasive cleansers in toothpastes can scratch the surfaces of the teeth. Whitening products cannot work on dental work, and they also tend to be abrasive. You should also floss or use a water flosser daily to thoroughly clean all areas of your implants. This helps to prevent issues and possible infection from bacteria caused by food debris that get left behind.

Contact Dr. Mazhari for Your Dental Implant Evaluation

If you are interested in dental implants or have already been told that you are not a candidate for traditional implants due to jaw bone loss, contact Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio now. We can set up a consultation appointment for you with Dr. Mazhari at your convenience to find out if implant-supported All-on-Four® might be the solution you’ve been looking for.