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Tooth Extraction

See how tooth extractions in our office can be done quickly and with minimal discomfort.

A tooth extraction is often the choice of last resort in the case of trauma, damage, or infection. Dr. Mojgan Mazhari may recommend that your tooth be extracted when necessary to restore health to your smile.

We perform most tooth extractions in the comfort of our Alexandria dentist office. If needed, Dr. Mazhari offers sedation dentistry to ensure that you are completely relaxed during the procedure. Taking place during a single visit, most tooth extractions are relatively quick with minimal discomfort. Dr. Mazhari will explain the entire procedure and what to expect afterwards, as well as provide post care instructions for a healthy recovery.

Replacement Options for Extracted Teeth

Unless your tooth extraction is to address overcrowding of teeth, replacing your lost tooth quickly and effectively is the key to avoiding the development of additional dental problems. Dr. Mazhari will discuss the most suitable replacement treatment options for your unique dental health and cosmetic needs.

Dr. Mazhari offers a full range of tooth replacement procedures: