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Dental Bridges

Dr. Mojgan Mazhari offers dental bridges with the latest technology. Missing teeth can lead to shifting of teeth and bite changes, potentially leading to more serious problems years down the road such as TMJ pain and compression.

A dental bridge is a common treatment option for replacing a missing tooth or several consecutive missing teeth. With the many advances made in tooth replacement, today’s dental bridges can be made to be secure, comfortable, and natural-looking for a functional smile. Dr. Mazhari places dental bridges in our Alexandria dentist office and patients benefit from her advanced training in the treatment of complex problems such as tooth loss.

Our goal is to help you get back your best quality of life with a naturally-functioning smile that will support your long term oral health.

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Dental Bridges: What To Expect

Dr. Mazhari will meet with you to evaluate your dental health and discuss your personal cosmetic goals as part of creating a your treatment plan. Replacing lost teeth with a dental bridge is a multi-step process, beginning with preparation for anchoring the bridge with either existing teeth or new dental implants. Depending on the choice that is best for you, Dr. Mazhari will schedule your necessary visits and explain each step of the process.

If your dental bridge is to be anchored to existing teeth, we typically recommend the placement of dental crowns to provide added strength and stability to your teeth in order to enable them to support the bridge without becoming damaged over time. Dr. Mazhari may place your new crown during a single visit using CEREC technology, an in office CAD/CAM milling machine that can enable her to design, fabricate, and place a high quality ceramic crown with optimal efficiency.

The next step is to take dental impressions to be used in the design and creation of your dental bridge. Dr. Mazhari will order your new restoration from a dental lab, often providing a temporary option in the meantime to help you get used to the fit and function of a dental bridge. Once complete, Dr. Mazhari will permanently secure your dental bridge to the anchor teeth, providing you with a comfortable, natural looking smile that will enable you to enjoy normal speech, a healthy diet, and a good quality of life each day.

Dental Implants vs Dental Bridges: What Is the Best Option?

When it comes to choosing the best option for replacing missing teeth, there are several key factors that can affect your long term result. Dr. Mazhari will discuss these with you to help you make the best decision and look forward to restoring a smile that looks and feels natural.

Schedule An Appointment

If you have missing teeth, the first step towards regaining a healthy smile is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mazhari at our Northern Virginia dentist office. We welcome new patients and work with anyone suffering from poor oral health as a result of dental anxiety. Known for her compassionate and caring dentistry, Dr. Mazhari will work with you as an individual to choose the right tooth replacement option for your health, cosmetic goals, and budget.

To schedule your visit to our downtown Alexandria dentist office, contact us at (703) 212-9622 or use our online request form.