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Do you suffer from frequent headaches that have remained undiagnosed? Dr. Mojgan Mazhari can provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment to resolve your frequent headaches and address underlying dental health issues related to your symptoms. Patients previously reliant on pain medication to alleviate recurring headaches and migraines are able to resolve their symptoms with treatment addressing the neuromuscular imbalance centered in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Understanding TMJ Headaches

Recurring headaches, especially in the morning, may be the result of a bite disorder that is causing tension in the jaw and resulting pressure on the cranial nerves. When the bite is imbalanced, it can result in muscle stress and tension that affects the jaw, neck, face, and even the back. This translates to headaches, neck pain, and often an uncomfortable bite. Dr. Mazhari has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches and migraines that are related to bite problems, or TMJ disorders. Treating the underlying cause will provide lasting relief from painful symptoms and improved dental health.

Many patients with TMJ related headaches also grind their teeth, resulting in additional damage to the teeth and gums that exacerbates the bite problem and degrades oral health.

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TMJ Headaches: Treatment Options

Dr. Mazhari will thoroughly evaluate your bite and all aspects of your oral health. She will take the time to discuss your medical history, concerns, and lifestyle habits as part of her comprehensive diagnosis and individualized treatment plan. Treatment will be designed to address problems affecting your bite with the goal of providing a comfortable, balanced bite that relieves strain and tension in the jaw. Treatment options can include:

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If you are suffering with frequent headaches or migraines, schedule a visit with Dr. Mazhari in our Alexandria dentist office. If your symptoms are related to a TMJ disorder, effective treatment of the bite can result in lasting relief and better oral health. Contact us at (703) 212-9622 or request an appointment online.