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Cosmetic Dentistry

For over 20 years, cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Mazhari has transformed smiles, changed lives, and delivered the look patients have always wanted. A beautiful smile can transform your self-confidence, making all the difference.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be the Best Investment You Make in Your Smile

Everyone wants to make a great first impression, and your smile is what can help do just that. Has your bright smile become a bit less so due to coffee or wine stains? Does the presentation or alignment of your teeth not meet your expectations? If any other cosmetic or appearance-related issues keep you from having the smile you’ve always wanted, then you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Mazhari today to discuss what cosmetic treatment plan might be right for you.

A Holistic Treatment with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry goes beyond enhancing your smile, it provides treatment options that can also improve your dental health. Our holistic approach to dentistry will leave you with lasting health and cosmetic treatments you love. Our approach will take into consideration your overall health, and treat underlying causes of oral health issues.

Dr. Mazhari will meet with you to evaluate your oral health and discuss your goals before creating your personal treatment plan. Known for her warm, caring manner and advanced eye for aesthetics, Dr. Mazhari will recommend the appropriate cosmetic dental treatment for addressing your needs and meeting your goals with results that will be natural-looking and comfortable.

Benefits of Our Cosmetic Treatments

We truly believe that your life can be completely changed with our cosmetic dentistry services.

You may be nervous about going to the dentist or how the procedure will turn out. Dr. Mazhari understands all of that! Our cosmetic dentistry treatments have years of research behind them, and we seek to give you the most comfortable dental care while at our office. By coming to us, your results are sure to be something you love.

Cosmetic dentistry is not just about changing the appearance of your smile! These treatments can also:

We are here to support your overall health, not just your physical health. Getting a cosmetic treatment can help you see yourself in a more positive light, increasing your mental and emotional health. We want you to smile each time you see yourself in the mirror.

By receiving cosmetic treatment now, you are preventing further issues in the future. Part of our approach is preventative dentistry, ensuring your health remains in good condition throughout your life. For example, if you get an implant to replace a tooth, not only are you restoring your smile, you are preventing bone density loss and a shifting smile.

“All people smile in the same language.”


Our Cosmetic Options

Your treatment plan may include a single procedure or a combination of options to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. Dr. Mazhari uses the highest quality of materials and advanced technology for all aspects of dentistry, enabling you to enjoy accurate, comfortable treatment and lasting results.

We make our recommendations after getting x-rays and scans to understand your current health and concerns. Our dedication to giving you a smile you love is why we seek to understand your situation. Understanding your current experience will help us improve your smile in a plethora of ways.

To get you the right smile, we use many different cosmetic treatments. Cosmetic procedures include:

Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio has something for everyone. Keep reading to learn more about our different custom offerings.

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Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a seamless solution for small issues that make a big difference in your smile. We use veneers to treat surface-level cracks, stains, and chips on one or many teeth. They can even be used to straighten out a smile if you have a few crooked teeth.

A veneer is a small cap placed over your tooth, made out of porcelain. The caps will be placed using dental bonding, staying permanently on your teeth. Because our veneers are made of such high-quality material, they are resistant to stains and damage, keeping your smile white and beautiful for years to come.


We offer minimal-prep Lumineers as well as veneers, making it easier than ever to have a straight white smile. Lumineers require less prep than veneers and are made out of porcelain instead. They still offer the same whitening and straightening that porcelain veneers do, but they are thinner and less permanent.

Snap-on Smiles®

Dr. Mazhari wants every patient to be able to get a new smile. That is why we utilize Snap-on Smiles, a surgery-free cosmetic solution. Snap-on Smiles are made of specialized dental resin and are placed directly over your current smile.

This solution is best for those who cannot afford a smile makeover with multiple steps, or are unable to undergo surgery. The smile will stay securely on your teeth until you decide to remove it by unsnapping it.

Teeth Whitening

Visit us for professional teeth whitening, a solution that can brighten your smile several shades lighter in one appointment. Teeth whitening is a cost-effective option that will give you a visible change in your smile. We offer in-office, single-visit whitening, and take-home kits, so every person has access to whiter teeth.

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

A more permanent whitening option is our cosmetic tooth bonding. Tooth bonding is used over your teeth, giving them a clean and white appearance. It can also be used to fix minor cracks and chips instead of veneers.

Dental bonding is many times less expensive than veneers but is less permanent. Here at Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio, we offer better smiles for every budget.


If you are suffering from crooked teeth or a misaligned smile, that is a serious issue. This can cause intense discomfort and serious cosmetic issues as well. One of the solutions we have for crooked teeth is Invisalign.

Invisalign is an invisible retainer system that will slowly move your teeth into a straighter smile. This treatment is often faster than regular braces and is incredibly discreet. Together, we can design your smile with Invisalign.

Be sure to take advantage of our Invisalign deal available for a limited time!

Invisalign Teen®

Teen’s orthodontic needs are vastly different from adult orthodontic needs. That is why we offer Invisalign Teen. We believe each person deserves a discreet and quick way to get their smile straight. Invisalign Teen is meant to permanently move your teen’s teeth to a straight and pleasing smile.

Six Month Smiles®

Need more intense or in-depth treatment than Invisalign can offer? Six Month Smiles are discreet braces with clear brackets and tooth-colored wire. They are capable of fixing some more severe issues than Invisalign while remaining incredibly discreet. Similar to Invisalign, they will give you a straighter smile in a shorter period than traditional braces.

Implants and Restorations

Lost teeth and a damaged smile can damage both your oral and emotional health. Our dental studio offers dental implants and full mouth reconstruction, giving you back a functional smile that looks and feels natural. We also offer implant-supported arch restorations. This process is made easier by our comfort dentistry and Dr. Mazhari’s excellent training in implants and dental surgery

Advanced Techniques and Technology

Our team at Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio wants you to be as comfortable as possible and heal quickly from all treatments. We use state-of-the-art approaches to all of our cosmetic treatments, and indeed, any treatment we offer.

One special thing we do is offer comfort and sedation dentistry for all of our patients, no matter the procedure. You can move past your dental fears or discomfort with our team by your side. No one should miss out on dental care because they are scared of the dentist. You can learn more about our dental anxiety options on our page, or by calling us today.

Because we want the best results for our patients, we utilize other technologies like CEREC scans, advanced X-rays, and surgical guides. Precision is one of our highest priorities; by being precise we can give you a better outcome in your dental journey.

Modern Dentist, Modern Dentistry

We embrace the most advanced dentistry practices. As Dr. Mazhari practices dentistry, she receives continual education from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Her continual training from this prestigious institute and others ensures that the most comfortable and effective methods are being offered to every person entering our smile studio.

3-D Smile Planning

Giving you a great smile is a collaborative effort between you and Dr. Mazhari. By planning your smile in 3-D we can show you what it will look like in your mouth. You can give us specific smile goals to incorporate in this digital 3-D model.

We will use your smile plan to plot out which treatments you need and to adjust your treatments along the way. Creating a smile together with us is one of the amazing ways you can utilize the technology we offer at our studio.

Contact us to start designing your smile today.

What to Expect

The first step to getting cosmetic treatments from our dental studio is getting a consultation from us. Dr. Mazhari will talk to you about smile goals and potential solutions with you during this consultation. We will do a thorough evaluation of your smile and dental health while at this consultation.

If you are looking for cosmetic solutions, it may come in many different treatments. We will discuss your different options with you as well as your budget. Each answer is customized to your needs. If you require multiple treatments, we will take care of the most intense ones first and then move to more detail-oriented care.

We will be with you every step of the way on your dental journey. That includes follow-up visits and patient education along the way. If you are ready for a dental team that cares about you and your smile, contact us today!

A Whole-Health Approach to Your Care

Throughout any dentistry we offer, we seek to treat issues that may be affecting your dental health. We will work with your primary care doctor to make sure that your physical health helps you maintain your dental health. Oftentimes there are underlying issues that can cause things like tooth discoloration and tooth loss. Sometimes the treatments for these things are not dental treatments, but changes in your lifestyle or diet.

Professional Service from a Dental Office

A dental studio makes your smile into art, guided by a dentist who has a trained hand at smiles. Some of the treatments we offer can be found online for less money, but those options will not give you the same results as receiving treatment from Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio.

Invisalign® vs Mail-Order Aligners

Invisalign has been specially crafted by dentists, to create a smile in the safest manner possible. We supervise all Invisalign treatments to make sure that your treatment goes according to plan, giving you better results.

Mail-order aligners are not supervised by dentists, and many are not even created by dentists. Should something go wrong, or your treatment begins to fail, you will not have an expert dentist on-call like you would with Alexandria Dental Health & Smile Studio.

There are other dangerous pitfalls to mail-order and off-brand clear aligners. In-office impressions are an essential step to getting your Invisalign process started, but with many online programs, you must take your impressions yourself. This can result in faulty retainers that do not properly move your teeth. They may not even fit!

Because off-brand aligners do not use our Smile Design software, you may damage your bite or end up with a smile you are unsatisfied with. We are here to meet your specific goals and make sure that your bite and other factors are considered when helping you get the smile of your dreams.

Teeth Whitening Options from Our Dental Office

Come visit us in Alexandria, Virginia for professional teeth whitening. You can have your teeth whitened in-office for the best results or severe cases. We also offer professional-grade take-home kits, so you can have a whiter smile from home. Take-home kits are convenient and allow you to be in control of how much you whiten, but they are not always as effective as our in-office treatments.

You may be tempted to get over-the-counter or drugstore tooth-whitening options. These may cost less, but they come with a lot of side effects. They do not have protections to ensure that the tooth-whitening does not make your teeth sensitive. You may experience sensitivity shortly after use, and it may last multiple days. Overusing these products can also damage your enamel.

Similar results can come from at-home ‘hacks’ or tips to get whiter teeth; they too have the potential to damage your teeth. At best, they may lighten your teeth one or two shades. Instead, come visit Alexandria’s cosmetic dentist! We have proven tooth whitening treatments.

Experienced Care, Amazing Results

Our cosmetic dentist offers a full range of cosmetic dental services in our convenient downtown Alexandria location. As with any type of cosmetic treatment, choosing the right practitioner can have a direct impact on the integrity of your results.

Dr. Mazhari has the experience and advanced training to provide results that will enhance your smile and boost your confidence. She is committed to advanced training and cutting-edge technology in all aspects of dentistry, including cosmetic procedures, to provide care that will meet your aesthetic expectations and support your long-term dental health.

What Our Patients Say…

“Before I met Dr. Mazhari and her staff, friends would site my teeth as an example of why their children should brush and floss. I was self-conscious about my smile attending meetings at work and meeting new people socially. Just over a year ago, I went in to see Dr Mazhari because of tooth pain when eating or drinking. She not only removed the pain and restored the health of all my teeth, she introduced me to Lumineers. She shaped my smile and installed the Lumineers with absolutely no pain and impressive results. My endodontist recently told me Dr Mazhari aesthetically out did herself. People have come up and commented about how pleased I must be with the work she did. Sometimes I remind myself not to hide my teeth when I smile– old habits hard to break. From accepting a lifetime of discolored teeth, I now am proud to show off Dr Mazhari’s work–my new smile.”

Charles Leonard


Is getting cosmetic dentistry expensive?

Our team will take into account your budget when discussing your treatment plan, so we can give you a smile that is beautiful and in your price range. Having a new smile does not have to be unattainable simply because you cannot afford lots of dental work. We are here to work with you.

What if I am afraid of the dentist?

We offer oral sedation that will keep you in a relaxed state during any treatments. We understand that bad dental experiences, gag reflexes, or other anxieties at the office can be difficult, but we are here to make the dentist’s office a better experience for everyone. Don’t let your dental fear stop you from getting a better smile!

Does cosmetic dentistry help my oral health?

Many of our treatments aid in improving or maintaining your oral health. Implants and braces actively defend against damaged teeth and bone density loss.

Our approach to cosmetic dentistry is holistic. Our solutions may include lifestyle suggestions and changes along with dental treatments. By coming to our studio you will be taking care of your entire body’s health.

Does tooth whitening make your teeth sensitive?

If you get tooth whitening kits from the drug store or over the counter you may experience some sensitivity. But our in-office and take-home kits have approaches that mitigate sensitivity and discomfort. Our formulas work for even those with highly sensitive teeth. If you experience any discomfort after having your teeth whitened it should disappear in around 24 hours.

Who can get cosmetic dentistry?

Anyone can get cosmetic dentistry! During our 90-minute New Patient consultation, we will thoroughly examine your teeth, take x-rays and scans, and discuss your goals. Dr. Mazhari will identify places that may be causing pain or discomfort, as well as determine your eligibility for certain procedures like implants.

Ready for a New & Improved Smile? Schedule Your Cosmetic Consultation

The first step towards learning more about how a cosmetic dental treatment can address your concerns and provide the smile you desire is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mazhari. We serve patients from many Northern Virginia communities including Alexandria, Annandale, Crystal City, and Fairfax.

To schedule your appointment with us, contact our Alexandria dentist office by phone or request an appointment online.