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A client in his early 50s who had been coming to Dr. Mazhari for years was finally ready to transform his smile.

As a busy, high-level executive, this gentlemen originally came to Dr. Mazhari with fractures in his teeth. However, he had numerous other issues, including what dentists call a “deep bite” and bruxism (teeth grinding). As a result of his misaligned bite and existing fractures, this patient was prone to more fractures.

Finally, he decided to pursue treatment as his teeth continued to fracture over the years. It was time to reconstruct his smile at Alexandria Dental Health.

Stage One: Finding the Correct Bite

Dr. Mazhari was able to use advanced technology which allowed her to analyze a computerized version of the patient’s jaw. This technology measured the exact range of motion of the jaw, which enabled Dr. Mazhari to see the muscle activity of the patient in real time.

After seeing his jaw muscles at work, Dr. Mazhari relaxed the patient’s jaw muscles in order to get a better look at what his jaw would look like with the correct bite. His misaligned bite had prevented the jaw from fully being at rest, which caused tension and pain between the jaw and the jaw muscles.

During this stage, the patient was given a removable appliance to wear on his lower jaw for approximately one month, during which time his jaw pain and tension improved immensely.

After this first month, the patient was then transitioned from a removeable appliance to a fixed, clear one. Fixed appliances are generally more tolerable for patients who have had removable ones for a month. The patient wore the fixed appliance for the next four months in order to try out his new bite.

Through this process, Dr. Mazhari was able to find the optimal bite for her patient, which served as a foundation for his full mouth reconstruction.

Stage Two: Final Restorations

With the correct bite in place and the patient’s jaw in an ideal position for comfort and functionality, Dr. Mazhari was able to continue with the final restorations.

The patient found that the treatment fit his busy lifestyle since Dr. Mazhari was able to prep all the teeth in one visit along with temporary restorations and then place final restorations just four weeks later.

The full mouth reconstruction enhanced the patient’s smile in a natural manner and corrected his bite to facilitate better breathing, improved functionality, and more even distribution of biting and chewing forces to prevent fractures and uneven wear and tear. Even muscle function of the jaw was improved to prevent tension and pain. This magnificent transformation constituted the patient’s full mouth reconstruction.

With the client’s jaw aligned, his teeth fracturing issue was corrected. The patient also said he could sleep better, since his aligned jaw helped open his airway. “The transformation was incredible,” he said after the treatment was complete.

The client also received a professional teeth whitening with Dr. Mazhari to complete his full mouth reconstruction and improve his appearance along with his new, correct bite.

Thanks to Dr. Mazhari’s expert care, this patient was able to completely correct his bite problem, which was not only contributing to his teeth grinding, but to his diminished sleep quality and fractures in his teeth as well.

After a decade of experiencing his full mouth rehabilitation, the patient continues to enjoy the smile and bite transformation that Dr. Mazhari completed for him and is looking forward to having a beautiful, healthy smile for many years to come.