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Tooth loss affects many aspects of your daily life, from self confidence to your ability to enjoy a normal diet and speech. Dental implants can bring back not only the aesthetics of your smile, but natural function and lasting comfort. With advanced training and years of experience, Alexandria dentist Dr. Mazhari provides the personalized care you need to restore your smile with dental implants to replace on or several missing teeth.

Dental implants can replace one or several missing teeth and have proven highly successful in securing a full denture, often a life changing treatment for patients who have long suffered with poor fitting dentures. A permanent, stable restoration is one of the key benefits of dental implants, which do not require daily maintenance or adhesives.

Another important benefit that dental implants offer for long term oral health is a reduction in bone loss in the jaw, a common occurrence after tooth loss. The titanium post implanted into the jaw acts as a replacement tooth root, permanently securing a dental crown and stimulating healthy bone growth. Keeping the bone stable helps to maintain your natural profile and avoid the shrinking of the lower jaw over time, which lends a more aged look.

Dr. Mazhari offers comprehensive treatment and services for dental implants. Using advanced technology for more accurate treatment planning and the highest quality materials for a lasting result, your new implants will provide a lifetime of function and comfort for a smile you will be happy to share each day.

Have you been suffering with the effects of tooth loss or a poorly fit dental appliance or dentures that have begun to affect your quality of life? We welcome new patients in our Alexandria dentist office and work with those who have avoided dental care due to anxiety or fear. Dr. Mazhari will evaluate your oral health and discuss your concerns before recommending the best solution for tooth replacement. To schedule a consultation, contact our Northern Virginia dentist office or request an appointment online.